Gilles Vallet

Gilles Vallet has been project engineer for the last 27 years. He is the programme leader of the Postgraduate Programme in Project Engineering at Oxford Academics. He has refined the content and pedagogy associated with this program for over 20 years. His professional career has focused on projects, project management and project offices. Starting from systems embedded in submarines and sophisticated telecommunication switching systems, Vallet has consulted with international organisations and companies on four continents across two broad types of assignments: (a) industrial projects (microelectronics, car manufacturing, information systems), and (b) scientific projects (defence, air and space / Ariane). Vallet has also been deeply involved at the European Commission, at CERN (Geneva) and at the French Ministry of Defence. In all, he has either conducted or guided over one thousand projects. He has authored three books published in French (Editions Dunod with more than 50,000 copies sold) and Crossknowledge e-Learning courses (more than 100,000 students on line). He is also the author of the Highware suite of training modules (more than 20,000 professionals trained in French, English, German, Italian, Chinese and Vietnamese):

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