Yuriy Robul

Ukrainian, MSc (Physics of semiconductors, Management of High-Tec) from I. Mechnikov National University in Odessa, Ukraine (1998), PhD (2004). Associated professor at I. Mechnikov National University in Odessa (Department of Management) and at Odessa State Economic University (Joint MBA programme of OSEU and CNAM (Paris). Yuriy Robul is holding visiting appointments teaching in several institutions in Ukraine. His professional career has focused on project management and marketing research. Yuriy Robul has consulted with Ukrainian organisations and companies across three broad types of assignments: (1) commercial projects (manufacturing and operations; CRM systems; launch of new products), (2) scientific projects (physics of semiconductors), (3) educational projects. View Yuriy Robul's LinkedIn profileView Yuriy Robul's profile

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